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Are you wondering what we do for our community’s youth?


Manitowoc Youth Diversion Program - Teen Court

Imagine a world where young people gather to govern the world they live in. Such a place exists at the Manitowoc Teen Court. Young people undergo training to function as a court to hear actual cases involving other teens, arrange for appropriate restitution and then offer them an opportunity to volunteer within the court. Many teens feel adults don't listen to their problems. Teen Court provides the opportunity for them to express their own concerns to a court composed of their peers. First time offenders between 12 and 16 years of age who successfully complete the program will face no further court action regarding their offense.

Who benefits? Youth are given a chance to prove that mistakes can be turned around. And as Teen Court volunteers, they gain a sense of responsibility as they encourage peers to stop behaviors that reflect on the rest of their generation. Citizens receive the benefit of seeing teens become responsible, contributing members in the community. As adult volunteers, they are given a chance to help make a difference in the lives of young people.


Door County Juvenile Restitution

The Door County Juvenile Restitution Program (JRP) is based on the concept that the juvenile’s actions have had a negative affect on their victims and the community as a whole and that the youth must do something positive to repay the victim and the community. Restitution refers to actual repayment to the victim by the offender or symbolic repayment in the form of community service work. Lakeshore CAP's JRP objectives are to:

  • Provide alternative disposition to the Juvenile Court under Chapter 938 of the Juvenile Justice Code
  • Provide compensation to victims and the community
  • Instill a sense of responsibility in the offender
  • Provide community service opportunities at appropriate sites for juveniles
  • Help youth develop job seeking and employment skills
  • Provide positive work experiences
  • Coordinate with other agencies working with the same youth

Juvenile Restitution involves victims, youthful offenders, parents and the community in a search for solutions that promote repayment, responsibility and rehabilitation.


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Donate to youth causes today

Donate to youth causes today